Vigilant Voyager Media Inc., publisher of the Rizal Province community newspaper Antipolo STAR, forged a partnership with Guru Property Development and Management Corporation.

The agreement calls for Antipolo STAR to promote in its Facebook media platform (with more 110,000 Followers) shops inside Victory Park & Shop including Mr. DIY, National Bookstore, Tokyo Tokyo, DIY Hardware, RRJ/ Petrol/ Mr. Lee, B.U.M, BNY, McDonald – “Bday Party Packages”, Baker’s Fair, Eng Bee Tin, Razon’s of Guagua, Jolly Panda Land, Mixue, Silicon Valley, Techbox, Philpan, Tech 101, Nicos Tiangge, Food Court Area, Elaia Terminal and many more. 

In exchange a tarpaulin signage (measuring 22 feet by 3 feet) with Antipolo STAR printed on it is displayed prominently at the third level of the front façade of the mall. Various smaller Antipolo STAR signages, including on the LED displays at the entrances, will be displayed inside the mall.

The tarpaulin is the community newspaper’s second signage in the vicinity of Antipolo Cathedral after another signage at the Pandayan Bookshop Antipolo. Antipolo STAR Editor Reuel Vidal emphasized the importance of prominent signages to market and not just promote the community newspaper.

“Signage plays a crucial part in our marketing strategy. A signage campaign allows us to efficiently communicate our brand identity, get our message across, increase brand awareness and promote our brand in top of mind of the people in Antipolo,” said Vidal.

“Unlike other marketing tools a signage works non-stop. The Antipolo STAR signage in front of Antipolo Cathedral will be seen by everyone who passes by the area at any time. It increases brand awareness a hundredfold.”

Antipolo STAR works in the highly competitive media industry and it’s important for the public to be aware of its existence especially with the radical changes in the industry, notably the shift to digital media platforms from just print media according to Vidal.

“The location of the signage in front of Antipolo Cathedral, the most important place in Antipolo, communicates the lofty status and significance of Antipolo STAR to the community of Antipolo. The Antipolo STAR signage will be seen by everyone who visits Antipolo Cathedral and you are talking of millions of people in a year,” said Vidal.