The Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA)- Rizal Provincial Statistical Office under the lead of Chief Statistical Specialist Yra B. Sibug enjoins support for the conduct of the 2023 Census of Philippine Business and Industry (CPBI) and 2023 Input-Output Survey of Philippine Business and Industry (IOSPBI) in the province of Rizal.

The distribution of survey questionnaires will run from May 6 to May 31, 2024, with data collection beginning on May 15, 2024. Paper and pen interviewing methods will be used for data collection.

In line with this, PSA-Rizal encourages all sample establishments to support the conduct of the 2023 CPBI and 2023 IOSPBI to provide truthful and complete information.

CPBI is conducted every five years by the PSA to collect and generate information on the levels, structure, performance, and the trends of economic activities within establishment in the country. Furthermore, the data will serve as benchmark information for measuring and comparing national, regional, and provincial economic growth.

The 2023 IOSPBI, on the other hand, is the 9th of the input-output survey series conducted by PSA.

The data collected is essential in building the input structure and construction of output distribution required in the compilation of the 2023 Supply and Use Table and Input-Output Table. These tables will serve as benchmark in the next overall revision and rebasing of the Philippine System of National Accounts. The 2023 IOSPBI, as a rider survey to the 2023 CPBI, will be conducted concurrently with a sample size of approximately 25% of the 2023 CPBI’s total sample establishments. In the province of Rizal, an estimated 1,771 sample establishments were selected for the survey.