Orbit ceiling fans have finally been installed in all classrooms in all public schools in Antipolo City in preparation for the start of face-to-face classes. Good ventilation is an essential safeguard to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

       Ensuring proper ventilation reduces the concentration of airborne contaminants, including viruses, indoors. Proper ventilation also reduces surface contamination by removing some virus particles before they can fall out of the air and land on surfaces.

       The Engineering Office of Antipolo City was able to install 4,124 units of ceiling and orbit fans in the schools.

       For proper hygiene and sanitation enough accessible wash facilities have also been made ready in all public schools in Antipolo. These are in addition to the existing toilets and washrooms in the schools.

       Both the fans and additional wash facilities help ensure the safety of face-to-face learning which allows for a live interaction between a learner and an instruction.

       Face-to-face learning is the traditional and most effective type of learning instruction.

       Face-to-face learning is much better compared to online learning because, as researchers found out, “in-person communications make our brains happier.” In a classroom setting, teachers can manage their topics very well because there is no longer a need to compress their topics to fit the modules.