By Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo

ARTipolo Youth successfully staged its 2nd Group Art Exhibit, at the Upper Ground Floor of Robinsons Antipolo last November 4, dubbed “Introspections: A Journey to Art Discovery” a Visual Art Group fundraising exhibition for the benefit of ARTipolo scholars at ARTablado.

Composed of a group of upcoming young artists the ARTipolo Youth gathered this eclectic and enigmatic display of fresh artworks. The youth are in the path of creative and artistic self-discovery. Embedded in their paintings are their individual souls depicted in varied bold and vivid hues. They created life by each brushstroke.

“Introspections” is also an instrument for the youth to promote their advocacy of helping ARTipolo scholars and having them as their beneficiary for their second group exhibit. This is one way to teach the young to be responsible citizens of the community, by teaching them social responsibility early on.

Some of their members are already making a name, winning art competitions and making Antipolo City proud.

Dr. Corazon Lacerna represented Governor Nina Ricci Ynares. Other present include Tom Olivar, filmmaker and character actor; Gem Blanco of The Blanco Art Gallery and The Blanco Family Museum; Maxi Cajayon Tungol, and this writer Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo, international author and visual Artist.

Other honorable guests include Lorie “Cookie” Marquez of ARTablado and Jaja Eulogio who performed a special singing number.

Each gave inspirational messages for the young participating artists and how they can become great artists who will leave a beautiful legacy through their art. Pricela Balanquit served as the Master of Ceremony.

Participating artists include: Alecs De Leon, Alexandra Monserrat, Aminah Sioson, Ashley Lleno, Cerlina Salar Dalida, Crishaira Peliño- Bode, Dominic Fabio, Jae Zyril Contridas, Jayson Borlon, Jenella Medina, Jodel Francisco, John Mark Navarro, Katlene Enriquez, Liana Mariz Mesina, Maria Cristina Sharlyn Ignacio, Maria Len Len Moriones, Mark Joseph Beloria, Marque De Leon, and Yurika Palmones.

See their stunning artworks. Exhibit runs until November 30, 2023.