Barangay Mambugan SK Chairperson aspirant Ayesha Joyce Padilla and Team Baral SK continued to visit the sitios of Barangay Mambugan to conduct free blood sugar and blood pressure test along with a feeding program.

The group visited Agnesville Subdivision this past weekend to help its residents especially senior citizens who are most in need of the checkup to determine the state of their health.

“Healthcare is my priority. Our activity is to give free simple test for blood sugar and blood pressure. With this, we are able to provide blood sugar and blood pressure monitoring for Barangay Mambugan residents who are not able to go to centers and hospitals for their regular check-up, especially for those who cannot afford these devices and tests,” said Padilla.

“Also, we are doing this to inspire the youth to make collective action for the whole population of Barangay Mambugan and not just for our age group. Because we believe, public service is not limited to only one sector, but it should be extended to everyone.”

Padilla, 21, is currently taking up Medical Laboratory Science as a pre-med course at Our Lady of Fatima – Antipolo.

Aspiring to become SK Kagawad with her are Princess Tan, Irish Balana, Kyla Bozar, Kharleen Lumio and Rhea Mae Bosito. Team Baral SK is running under the banner of Mambugan Punong Barangay aspirant Ronald Baral.