In line with the conduct of the 2023 Family Income and Expenditure Survey (FIES), the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) – Rizal Provincial Statistical Office through the Supervising Statistical Specialist Mercy Liza B. Tibay and Provincial Focal Person/Statistical Specialist II Gemalli I. Agustin facilitated a seven-day Third Level Training at Luljetta’s Place Garden and Suites, Antipolo City to capacitate the statistical researchers on the entire FIES operations.

The 2023 FIES is a rider survey to the July 2023 and January 2024 rounds of the Labor Force Survey (LFS).

It aims to accomplish the following objectives: a) to PSA-Rizal Conducts the July 2023 Labor Force Survey and 2023 Family Income and Expenditure Survey Training gather data on family income, sources of income, family expenditure and related information, affecting family income and expenditure levels and patterns in the Philippines; b) to determine the income distribution, levels of living and spending patterns, and the degree of inequality among families; c) to provide benchmark information to update the weights used in the estimation of Consumer Price Index; and d) to provide inputs in the estimation of the country’s poverty threshold and incidence.

This survey is set to interview about 1,536 sample households in the province of Rizal and will utilize the computer-aided personal interviewing system during data collection.

Interviews operation will run from July 8 to 31, 2023 where authorized PSA personnel will visit the sampled households and individuals to conduct the personal interview.

In line with this, PSA-Rizal enjoins all sample households to support the conduct of the July 2023 LFS and 2023 FIES round by providing truthful and complete information.