The Sangguniang Kabataan ng Barangay San Jose, led by SK Chairman Doc Monte Tolentino, will hold the 3rd Inter-Sitio Basketball and Volleyball Tournament 4 PM, May 6, 2023, Saturday at the Antipolo City Sports Hub.

Special guests include The Reaper Show featuring Loud Mouth – (Philippine Streetball Emcee), Bounce, Hezzy, Naughty Nate, Amaze Basketball – (Motoballers), Jeyoboy – (Motovlogger) and The Reaper; The Vixens; and Janica Reloxe.

Everyone is invited to watch in person at the Antipolo City Sports Hub or via FB live where they can win exciting prizes.

Doc Monte believes that sports activities are very important especially to the young. Increased physical activity results in a stronger and healthier youth.

Basketball is a very popular sport among men and boys. Women and girls on the other hand are partial to volleyball which is why the two sports were chose for participation.

Doc Monte also believes it is the SK’s responsibility to create projects for the different needs of constituents foremost of which are sports activities and tournaments.

The young derive many benefits from sports. They form social and community bonds when they participate in sports. Playing in tournaments helps them build a stronger connection not just with their peers but with the community as a whole.

Young people interact with adults who serve as coaches or league officials. They build relationships with these trusted adults–who can be important role models.

Sports also improve academic potential. Young people who pursue sports develop a strong self-concept and often become goal driven. These positive qualities can carry over not just into the classroom but in future work and their lives. #3rdIntersitioTournament #DocMonteTolentino #MakabagoatTalino #TeamPagbabago #DocMonteTolentinoSanJose2023 #sanjose #barangaysanjose #brgysanjose #antipolocity #antipolo