Welcome news for business owners in Antipolo City.

Antipolo extended its electronic Business One Stop Shop or e-BOSS 2023 registration until February 24, 2023 (Friday).

The e-BOSS 2023 allows business owners to register online. Registration can be done online by submitting scanned copies of the following documents:

– Unified Application Form (online application)

– DTI Business Name Registration / SEC Registration

– Barangay Business Clearance (to be secured simultaneous with the online application)

– TCT or Tax Declaration / Contract of Lease (if renting)

– Community Tax Certificate (Cedula) / Corporate Tax Certificate (to be secured simultaneous with the online application)

– Financial Documents

Other requirements are approval of the following regulatory offices:

– Office of the Building Official (OBO) Clearance

– Locational/Zoning Clearance (ZAO)

– Environmental Permit to Operate (CEWMO)

– Sanitary Permit to Operate (CHO)

– Occupational Permit (PESO)

– Fire Safety Inspection Certificate (BFP)

– Other National Government Agency Clearances if needed.

For more details, please visit e-BOSS 2023: https://bit.ly/eBOSSGuidelines.

If you have questions, please contact Antipolo BPLO by email:  bplo@antipolo.ph or thru the hotline: 8689-4535/8689-4586/689-4500. #eBOSS2023