Fifteen families joined the 2nd KiddiePreneur Special Christmas Bazaar at IMall Antipolo.

The KiddiePreneur Special Christmas Bazaar is a chance for children and families of Antipolo Homeshoolers to learn how to be entrepreneurs first hand. IMall Antipolo graciously provided them space to sell food, toys, clothes, accessories, fragrance, plants, novelty items and others.

Teaching children entrepreneurship can make a difference in their growth and development.

Entrepreneurship encourages children to think critically. It produces creative problem-solving. Instills an attitude of cooperation and entrepreneurial relationship-building.

Entrepreneurship is an effective tool to boost a child’s inner confidence. It requires children to develop a growth mindset. Finally, it grows the entrepreneurial spirit and skillset in children.

KiddiePreneur 2022 aims to teach children how to handle responsibilities that come with financial freedom.

Through this activity, children learn more about handling finances, develop communication skills, learn to create a marketing strategy and learn time management.

Children will learn how to become entrepreneurs through the best way possible, through experience. They will learn how to sell by actually selling and practicing how to become entrepreneurs.