Antipolo Host Lions Club officers, led by their president Sidney Christopher Bata, made a courtesy call on newly-elected Antipolo City Mayor Jun Ynares.

The other members of the Antipolo Host Lions Club delegated included Obet Ongtingco past president, Bryant Kim An District Chairman, Cynthia Verdera Vidal Vice President and Christopher Orcino member.

Antipolo Host Lions Club, thru its president, presented its many projects which it conducts year-round to the city mayor.

The club celebrated its 54th Anniversary with a tree planting project. Together with Antipolo City Leo Club, Binangonan Sta Ursula Lions, Tanay Kapuso Lions Club and Binangonan Sta Ursula Leo Club, Lions and Leos assembled at KM55 Camp in Tanay Rizal to plant the 100 seedlings and drop tilapia fingerlings in the fish pond.

Among those who were instrucmental in completing the activity were RC Lily Aralar, ZC Elenita Anore and DC Bryant Kim An.

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