There are only three cold storages for vaccines in the entire CALABARZON region and one of these is in Rizal Province.

Vaccination against the COVID-19 pandemic will be now be more efficient because Rizal Province has its own cold storage facility for the different kinds of vaccine especially vaccines against the COVID-19 virus.

The cold storage facility of Rizal Province comes with its own generator set to ensure that vaccines are well-preserved even during power outages.

The cold storage has an estimated 40 cubic meters of storage capacity which means 10,000 liters of vaccine can be safely stored here.

Vaccines need to be stored in freezing cold temperature therefore it is imperative to make use of the cold storage method. The lifespan of six months of viruses can be increased to 30 months when stored below 25 °C.

The use of cold storage is very important considering the property and efficacy of vaccines are very sensitive to changes in temperature.

Vaccines are stable enough to be used as drugs through efficient cold chain maintenance (manufacture, distribution, storage, and administration).

The selection and management of cold storage operations are very important because vaccines are very sensitive when frozen. Meanwhile, other types will lose their efficacy when temperature increases.