Great news for business owners.

Antipolo City’s Business One Stop Shop (BOSS) 2022 registration for businesses to get their permits has been extended until February 24, 2022.

It must be noted that there will be zero business tax for establishments with gross receipts lower than P200,000.

Antipolo City has done everything to help businesses in the city. There is also online registration to facilitate the process. Just visit:

Registration can be done online by submitting scanned copies of the following documents:

– Unified Application Form (online application)

– DTI Business Name Registration / SEC Registration

– Barangay Business Clearance (to be secured simultaneous with the online application)

– TCT or Tax Declaration / Contract of Lease (if renting)

– Community Tax Certificate (Cedula) / Corporate Tax Certificate (to be secured simultaneous with the online application)

– Financial Documents

Other requirements are approval of the following regulatory offices:

– Office of the Building Official (OBO) Clearance

– Locational/Zoning Clearance (ZAO)

– Environmental Permit to Operate (CEWMO)

– Sanitary Permit to Operate (CHO)

– Occupational Permit (PESO)

– Fire Safety Inspection Certificate (BFP)

– Other National Government Agency Clearances if needed.