It’s a dream come true for members of the Aeta Community in Barangay Banoyo, San Luis, Batangas.

       After the dialogue they had with Department of Science and Technology (DOST) – Batangas, the solar-powered sewing services enterprise they wanted to establish as a source of income is now underway for implementation.

       DOST Batangas installed the off-grid solar power system in the Aeta Community on December 15, 2021 and turned over the sewing equipment on January 18, 2022. Manual sewing machines were also provided to ensure productivity of the community enterprise. To operationalize the sewing services enterprise of the community, a technology transfer training on the use of equipment and on dress making will be conducted on the last week of January this year.

       Members of the Aeta community expressed their appreciation on the interventions they received. According to Mr. Zosimo Magtibay, Chieftain of the community, they are still overwhelmed with the support they received from DOST since the installation of the off-grid solar power system which made possible the charging of their mobile devices and emergency lights. “Napakalaking tulong po nitong solar (system) na kaloob sa amin. Dati po dumadayo pa kami sa baba para maki-charge, ngayon po ay dito na kami lalo ang mga kabataan,” he mentioned. Solar lights, sewing kits, and sewing starter packs were also provided to the community.

       Women members of the community also expressed their excitement to learn how to operate the equipment and materialize the livelihood they want to pursue. Meanwhile, aside from technology transfer training, DOST also intends to provide business-related trainings to equip the community with the principles and strategies to champion their sewing services enterprise. These interventions were under the DOST CALABARZON’s Community Empowerment thru Science and Technology Project entitled “Project Aetaguyod: Establishment of an S&T Based Community Livelihood for Aetas in San Luis, Batangas” in partnership with the Local Government Unit of San Luis, Batangas.

       At present, the Aeta community has 68 families, 30 houses, 1 common comfort room facility, and accounts to more than 275 total population. The community is one of the priorities of the Poverty Reduction, Livelihood and Employment Cluster (PRLEC) where DOST is a member.

A member of the Aeta Community smiles while operating the sewing machine given by the personnel of DOST Batangas which also installed an off-grid solar power system.
Members of the Aeta Community carry the sewing machine, donated by DOST Batangas personnel, to their homes.
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