The Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS), Marikina City Veterinary Office Impounding Area with We Care Animal Shelter (WCAS) and SM City Masinag launched Pawfect Pair an interactive media platform – which serves as a communication platform for interested pet parents to select pets that are available for adoption – at the mall’s atrium.

There are hundreds of AsPins (Asong Pinoy) and PusPins (Pusang Pinoy) available for adoption from both PAWS and Marikina City Veterinary Office.

Some of them are featured within the interactive platform in which interested pet parents at the mall can choose from. After deciding on a particular pet to adopt, SM endorses interested pet parents to the organization. Adoption shall be facilitated by these organizations with fees prior turnover.

It is widely known that having pets at home plays a large role in reducing loneliness and anxiety especially in this time of uncertainties because of the pandemic. A spike in pet adoption was observed in 2020.

However, local shelters and city pounds are still filled with neglected pets waiting to be adopted into loving homes.

As travel and rescue operations are still challenges to be addressed in pet adoptions, SM hopes to bridge the good-hearted pet lovers to local accredited shelters through Pawfect Pair.

Pawfect Pair will also be present digitally at SM City Marikina, SM City San Mateo, SM City Taytay, SM Center Angono, SM East Ortigas through their official Facebook pages starting this February. Stay connected with the latest updates through the official social media accounts of your nearest SM Supermall.

To check on featured pets for adoption, head on to

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