The Montejo’s Cup Intersitio basketball and volleyball competition of Barangay San Luis reels off Sunday, June 18 with a parade of athletes starting 7 AM at Sumulong Park and ending at the Antipolo Sports Hub.

The tournament is a project of San Luis Sangguniang Kabataan Chairperson Michelle Montejo and the SK Council. It is also supported by SK Kagawad Reymond Andrade and Kagawad Christian Pioquinto.  

“The competition is meant to engage the youth in sports activities and uplift sportsmanship among themselves. It also hopes to keep the youth focused on productive activities to prevent them from turning to illegal drugs,” said Michelle.

The competition will be in basketball and volleyball for boys and volleyball for girls.

The volleyball teams for boys are: La Salle, Biong, Antipolo Hills, Bermuda, Dau, Sambaville, Phase 2B, Admiral and Pinagminahan.

The volleyball teams for girls are: La Salle, Biong, Samba Homes, Admiral I, Santana, Puting Bato, Sambaville, Pinagminahan, Admiral II, Kalupa and Piedra Blanca.

The basketball teams for boys in Lower San Luis are: Peace Village 3A, Peace Village 3B, Admiral, Puting Bato, Sambaville 1, Sambaville 2, Kalupa 1, Kalupa 2, Annex 3, Steel Homes, Katipunan, Piedra Blanca, Tarikan, Mabilog na Gulod 1, Mabilog na Gulod 2, Phase 2B and Kaybagsik.

The basketball teams for boys in Upper San Luis are: Antipolo Hills 1, Antipolo Hills 2, Antipolo Hills 4, Antipolo Hills 5, Samson Compound, La Salle, Pinagminahan 1, Pinagminahan 2, Biong, Corville, Dahai and Radar.

Michelle organized the tournament because it is the SK’s responsibility to create projects for the different needs of its young constituents foremost of which are sports activities and tournaments.

The youth derive many benefits from sports. They form social and community bonds when they participate in sports. Playing in tournaments helps them build a stronger connection with their peers as well as the community as a whole.