Because the week-long nationwide transport strike on March 6-10, 2023 is expted to hinder students’ and teachers’ transport, SDO Antipolo City announced ( the shifting of face-to-face classes to distance learning modalities like online, modular, and other appropriate distance learning modalities of all affected learners while those not affected shall have the usual face-to-face classes.

School heads are directed to communicate the sudden shift from face-to-face to distance learning to teachers, parents, and all stakeholders.

The announcements shall also be posted at the gates of the school, barangay halls, and other conspicuous places.

Learning materials (activity sheets, modules, contextualized learning materials, and other exercise materials) shall be made available to the affected learners and there shall be a monitoring mechanism to continuously ensure learning.

DepEd directed teachers to ensure that all parents and guardians are properly informed of the learning arrangement and provide the class schedule for distance learning.

Teachers shall likewise make a follow-up of lessons, especially for those learners who need more guidance, and shall guarantee that the outputs of the learners shall be collected and checked.

School teachers affected by the transport strike may inform their respective School Head of a Work From Home arrangement and submit Individual Daily Log. Personnel not affected by the transport are to report to their respective schools or offices.

Likewise, Private schools are encouraged to adopt the same distance learning modalities whenever necessary.

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