Genil “The Untamed” Francisco of Antipolo City shocked all the experts when he choked out Shamil Magomedov, Saturday, February 25, at the Etihad Arena on Yas Island in Abu Dhabi, the United Arab Emirates.

Francisco – who belongs to The Alpha One stable of fighters which train out of Denizone Fitness Center at Barangay Dalig – improved his record to 13 wins against 7 losses. Magomedov, a submission specialist from Dagestan, Russia, dropped to 12 wins and 4 losses.

It was a shocking victory for Francisco over Magomedov who seemed on the verge of victory with a firm rear naked choke hold around Francisco’s neck in the second round. Somehow Francisco reversed Magomedov and choked the Dagestani who passed out handing the victory to Francisco.

At the outset, Francisco seemed to play into the hands of submission specialist Magomedov who turned the fight into a grappling match. Magomedov took down Francisco several times in the first round which ended with Francisco pinned to the ground trying to avoid being submitted.

 Magomedov continued his dominance in the second round. He pushed Francisco to the ground just seconds into the round, mounted him and started to rain down blows.

Francisco turned around and gave Magomedov his back to avoid the hits. Magomedov then placed his arm around Francisco’s neck in a rear-naked choke nearly ending the fight then and there.

Somehow Francisco scrambled out of a bad position, reversed Magomedov who was shocked to find Francisco’s arm around his neck in a vise-like rear-naked choke.    

Magomedov would not submit but instead passed out forcing the referee to declare Francisco the winner of the fight.

Francisco promised to build on this victory, continue to work hard, rack up more victories and bring honor not just for himself but for the Philippines and Antipolo City.

“Maasahan ninyo po na tuloy lang ang ensayo ko may laban o wala.  Kasama ng AlphaOne Management Team, mag explore po kami ng iba pang international opportunities. Malaking karangalan sa akin na hindi lang mapatunayan ang sarili sa high level competition but also to represent na rin ang Pilipinas at ang mahal Kong bayan ng Antipolo,” said Francisco.