Beauty, brains and social awareness.

A first-year student of University of the Philippines from Barangay Bagong Nayon, Antipolo was crowned Mutya ng Antipolo 2022 after giving the most sensible reply in the Question-and-Answer portion of the pageant.

Irish Carl “IC” Mancilla gave the best answer with “inflation” and explained why it was the most pressing concern that needed to be resolved in the country to win the nod of the judges.

“I am not a government leader. I am not a government official. But I can use my voice. I can use my writing skills, my art skills. All the skills that I have to raise awareness about these issues,” said Mancilla.

She added she hoped government officials – from local executives to the president of the country – will exercise their authority and display integrity to resolve the country’s most pressing concerns.

Mancilla was crowned by her predecessor, Mutya ng Antipolo 2019 Gliyam Marianna “Yam” Cundangan also of Barangay Bagong Nayon.

In a later post online Mancilla emphasized the significance of the pageant noting that it was not just a beauty contest but a vehicle to project the best qualities of Antipolo.

“Mutya ng Antipolo is more than just a pageant. I like to quote a song from one of my favorite musicals, Hamilton, ‘This is not a moment, it’s the movement.’ A movement to allow young Antipoleñas to flaunt and show what they got to represent Antipolo as a progressive, inclusive, and vocal city,” said Mancilla.

The Bagong Nayon beauty also acknowledged her fellow candidates who went through the ordeal of the beauty pageant.

“The 20 of us in MNA gave our 101% last night and I am genuinely proud of how each one of us became stronger, fiercer, and hungry for more opportunities that will make us a better version of ourselves. May this win be an instrument to reach hearts and move people to keep on going and dream deep. Congratulations to my fellow candidates and winners for Mutya ng Antipolo 2022!” said Mancilla.

Mancilla bagged the Best in Talent award for her powerful rendition of “On My Own” from the musical Les Miserables during the Pre-Pageant/Talent Night. Coincidentally, Cundangan also won the Best in Talent award in 2019.

Erika Maie Sawma of Barangay Inarawan was crowned Mutya ng Antipolo Turismo; Shanna Redj Gallardo, Dela Paz, Mutya ng Antipolo Kalikasan; Natasha Mae Ore, Dela Paz, 1st Runner-Up; and Mikeairah Blanquisco, San Roque, 2nd Runner-Up.

Mancilla won ₱75,000 cash prize as Mutya winner and another ₱10,000 for the talent award.

The 18-year-old Mancilla is a first-year student at the University of the Philippines, Diliman taking up BA Social Sciences (Political Science). She is a graduate of Antipolo City Science and Technology High School where she was the Editor-in-Chief of Pendulum Chronicle, the school’s official organ.