Social media rules.

       Instead of sending his second, World Boxing Council and The Ring magazine world heavyweight champion Tyson Fury challenged UFC heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou to a boxing match with MMA gloves via twitter.

        “Who would like to see me fight this beast boxing rules, UFC gloves?” Fury wrote in a tweet which tagged the UFC, UFC President Dana White, and Ngannou.

       Ngannou responded in kind just a few hours later. He suggested changing the conditions.

        “How about MMA rules with boxing gloves? I can do you that favor,” wrote Ngannou.

       Fury stepped up the rhetoric saying: “You want to come into my world calling me and (Deontay Wilder) out to a boxing match? What I can guarantee you would be knocked out and also paid your highest purse to be so! So have a think.”

       The two champions continued a social media war started earlier when Ngannou told Fury that he plans to fight former UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones first, and then go after Fury. Ngannou also recently stated that his next UFC contract has to allow him to compete in boxing.

       Ngannou will defend his heavyweight title against interim champion Ciryl Gane at UFC 270 on January 22 at Honda Center in Anaheim, California. Ngannou said he wants a match against Fury under any circumstances the boxing star desires after that fight.

        “After I handle business on January 22 I’ll fight you under any special rule set you want. In a ring, an octagon or a phone booth,” Ngannou wrote.