CLARK FREEPORT—As part of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) efforts, the Soliman E.C. Septic Tank Disposal has extended its support to Clark Development Corporation (CDC) by lending 20 portable toilets that were strategically placed in various areas of this Freeport.

The portalets, which would have cost P2,500 each day plus maintenance for 20 days, would have cost P1 million in total. However, Soliman E.C. lent the equipment for free as part of the company’s CSR program.

According to Soliman E.C. Marketing Manager Donnel Madla, the portalets are considered “VIP” type which includes a flushable bowl inside each portable toilet.

Soliman E.C. Key Account Officer-in-charge Gennel Teodoro turned over the said portalets which were received by CDC Environmental Permits Manager Engr. Rogelio Magat.

Clark residents and visitors are seen to benefit from these since four of the portalets were placed in the Picnic Grounds, two in the vicinity of the Ayta Na market, while the rest were placed at the Clark Parade Grounds.

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