Department of Information and Communications Technology Secretary Gregorio Honasan asked for the continued cooperation of the business sector for the government’s effort to digitize its records and services during the start of the 29th Metro Manila Business Conference of the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry held via Zoom conference September 9 to 10, 2021.

“I would like to ask for the continued support of the business community for the DICT as we implement all these transformation initiatives specially our E-Government programs for the business sector,” said Honasan.

“Let us help each other. Magtulungan po tayo as we continue to strive for the realization of our vision for a digital future for every Filipino especially for our most precious resource our next generation of citizens and leaders, our children.”

The goal according to Honasan is the digitalization of the government sector. To connect and integrate the whole government to improve delivery of public service in the digital age through the E-Government Masterplan 2022 or EGMP 2022. The EGMP 2022 serves as the blueprint for a harmonized government information system.

DICT is implementing programs for the benefit of the business sector. DICT has made it easier for businesses to transact with government such as when registering or getting licenses and permits to operate in both national and local level. The end goal is to completely eliminate physical queueing in government offices according to Honasan.

DICT wants to develop the country’s E-Government system through digital transformation of basic services such as public health, basic education and other programs that cut across the whole of government. The goal is to achieve one digitized government for the country.

Though this digital transformation of government EGMP 2022 aims to optimize government operations, engage citizens, transform services—especially business transactions in the government—and empower government employees.

Honasan said improved internet service is not just a priority but a reality with DICT mandates making Telecom companies improve their service through increased internet speed as well as expanded coverage throughout the country.

DICT also recognizes the dangers in the digital landscape and has therefore set up cyber security measures to ensure the safety and protect the rights of Filipinos online said Honasan.

Recognizing the dangers in the digital landscape as we transition to the new normal the DICT ramps up its cyber security initiatives under the national cyber security plan 2022.

Honasan said ultimately DICT wants to help entrepreneurs by providing the needed support to make it easier to invest, operate and set-up new businesses.