The Beach Volleyball Commission (BVC) of the Philippine National Volleyball Federation (PNVF) recently supported the AMB Beach Volleyball Clinic held over the weekend in Currimao, Ilocos Norte.

Charo Soriano, the PNVF executive board member who also chairs the BVC, said that the AMB beach volleyball technical and demo workshop held last April 23 is part of improving the game by teaching updated regulations of the sport to local officials.

“Learning the updated rules of the game is vital in any sport developmental program. For us to be able to improve the sport, we must learn how it’s being played in a more technical manner,” Soriano said.

“I applaud the sports resiliency of the north in making sure that they not only focus on the growth of the players but also of the technical officials,” she added.

Health and safety protocols were strictly implemented during the event.

Helen Molina-Domingo, secretary-general of Ilocos Norte Volleyball, said it was the first time that the beach volleyball clinic was organized in Ilocos Norte.

“In Ilocos Norte we formulated a risk assessment plan under the Play Safe Fearless program approved by Gov. Matthew Marcos Manotoc and beach volleyball is assessed between the low and medium risk,” Molina-Domingo said.

“So we wrote to Rep. Angelo Marcos Barba to stage the send series of the AMB beach volleyball and this time it would be aligned with the PNVF grassroots development plan which Rep. Barba also agreed,” Molina-Domingo added.

The very objective why we re-start sports activity even during pandemic is to help revive the businesses of SME’s where we conduct sporting activity that was affected by the pandemic. The next circuit of the AMB Beach Volleyball is slated from May 14 to 25 in Ilocos Norte’s First District.

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