Araneta City is giving you more exciting reasons to be part of the growing Farmers Market and Garden community on Viber!

Make sure you subscribe to the ‘Farmers Market & Garden PH’ Viber Group this September to be one of our lucky members who’ll have the chance to bring home fresh produce FREE from Farmers Market.

Five (5) lucky Viber group subscribers will be chosen to receive P1,000 worth of fruits and vegetables each.

To be eligible for the promo, Viber group members must fill up the link form found on the pinned message on the Farmers Market & Garden PH Viber page from September 15 (Tuesday) to 22 (Tuesday).

Winners will be chosen on September 25 (Friday) and will be notified for instructions on how to pick up their prize.

Be part of the Farmers Market and Garden community on Viber now, and experience this early Christmas treat from the City of Firsts.

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